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When were not saving lives, by not starting fires, or volunteering at the food bank we're drinking err, thinking about you and what you did or did not see last summer / Friday.. Seriously, just call our corporate ethics liaison at 877 298 3238 ask for Jimmy (just Jimmy, like Cher), and we'll work something out.




wit INline™ (white paper)

Are type face and line spacing getting in the way of reading between the lines?—Not sure when to laugh, or even if something is funny?

No problem: At epic creative we're all about being inclusive. An “inside” joke is not something we will not tolerate.

wit-Inline™ from epic labs is a free downloadable plug-in that provides you with the comfort and security of a laugh track. Now simply move your cursor across (along) each sentence, and when something's funny you'll know!

What's that? You don't have time to read every word?

No problem: For a nominal fee you can download wit-InlineAbridged™. Now you can simply skim the outside of every paragraph and wit-InlineAbridged™ will aggregate, concord, and provide you with a nudge, a nudge nudge, or a wink, wink, nudge, nudge. And, as always a small, medium, or late night talk show punch line laugh track response.

What's that? You're too busy to even run your cursor down the side of a page?

No problem: Coming soon (currently available in a pre release beta version) wit-InlineAbridgedOffline!™ Wit-InlineAbridgedOffline™ with fuzzy AI it can read and reply to your email and even carry on witty banter using IM!

What's that? Afraid of downloading plug ins?
Of course you are. Coming soon from epic labs: sarchasm slider® (404 ----|-- Oh my!).

sar--|-chasm SLIDER®
Bridging the gulf between wit and you!

1.2 Institutional strength now available (includes corporate licence).
1.2.1 Even wittier! Now accounts for common spelling mistakes.


epicPONG the board game
AND NOW NEW!!! v2.0 Three Can Play!

"Can I have my own personalized/branded PONG game?"-- You spoke. We listened-- Of course you can't! BUT, you can have a personal home version. You have to see it to believe it!!!

DVD instruction disk also included.




Proprietary formulae describing the current sum total of original (creative +-) ideas in existence (beta).

Depressing but cool. Accurate (+/-3) 19 times out of 20.