EPIC Milestones

1971 epic is officially recognized as an original and independent agency


1994 epic invents the Internet and revels in its success (epic sealed this information in a self addressed envelope and sent it to it self)


1995 epic incorporates as T.F.D.T. Inc.

GayLea Foods
Perle Systems
Mirus International


1996 epic envisions the future and begins to wear shades

DUSA Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
McMaster University
Midland Walwyn


1997 epic officially denounces testing marketing and design on North American peoples

Inmet Mining Inc.
Leons Inc.
Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


1998 epic signs an unequivocal industry pledge to to disavow knowledge of focus groups involving children under the age of 12 without the written permission of friend or acquaintance

epic launches the subsidiary take 5 design.

Deloitte Touche Tomatsu Dynacare Laboratories Ltd.


1999 epic sponsors the first of a series of international daycare centers, easing the burden and stress on working families of strategically selected sub sets of targeted demographics

AT&T Canada Inc.
Legacy Hotels REIT
Navitrak International


2000 epic travels extensively inaugurating the "epic centers for young researchers". epic Daycare's, pre schools, grade schools, middle schools, high schools, and grad schools soon follow

GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Mackay|Wong Inc.


2002 epic is first to recognize the importance of inner city schools as ground zero for new trends that frame and define the homogenous nationwide wide sense of individual style and counter culture entitlement of the 8-22 year old

Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition


2003 seasoned marketing professionals are dispatched in outreach vans to immediately target those most potentially in style

TAPoR Text Analysis Portal for Research (Recipient of 6 million CFI Research Grant)


2004 epic looks to the near West for strategic partnerships for its overseas broadcast division

GeoDigital Intl., Inc.


2005 epic celebrates its 10th anniversary with the "distinctly- epic" campaign

CB Richard Ellis Inc.
epicApparel and Gear
Integra Project Systems


2006 epic implements EPIC PONG as preloader and releases EPIC PONG the board game.

TransAmerican Energy Inc.

epic Images




History [from "Speak Easy Sitez to the Streaming Twenty oh, oh's. An Illustrated History of the First 52,680 Hours On-line. - A Children's Book."]


The first web sitez were hand drawn and painstakingly painted one pixel at a time [see fig.1 c1994].This process was often labourious and very expensive. Each web sitez or "site", as they have now come to be known, took 4-5 months-- that's nearly 2 months or 8 metric weeks longer then a "web" or internet year!" The designs were often crude and colourless.

In these heady early days EPIC was a maverick, often rebuked, seen as non conformist and a potentially dangerous influence on the aesthetic (moral) standards of the young web. "This will lead to the commercialization of the UUNet!" cried the purists.

What the traditional ad and design agencies perceived as the crippling limitations of the medium's technology (production and design using something like MS Excel), EPIC envisioned as an opportunity with potential extending as far as the 3rd quarter the fiscal year 2000. The technological limitations of bandwidth, development tools and client side issues meant that there was a universal leveling of the playing field. Production value, became the unconscious yardstick by which a consumer measures the quality of a product or information (choice of canned soup, candidate, or the effects of global warming).

Unfortunately, the technological revolution of the 333mhz processor and its promise of "nearly instant on" computing that would render all current computers obsolete and all future computers redundant--also, tragically, ushered in the neon-midi age of colour and sound, and "the talkie sitez era" was born.

This, like every excess of the past, led to erosion of accepted standards of aesthetic values and practices. The blinking green tweed background contrasting the fuschia serif face led to an epidemic of suicide (real or imagined is still widely debated and source of wide rifts in academic circles). The camps divided neatly into the neo-blink/counter and post-alpha (transparency) camps. Their bitter dispute was as inane as so many of those backgrounds. There is a third but often excluded group that hopes to widen the scope of the debate: "And what of the green and orange monitors? Are we supposed to discard/dismiss them? Tweed and serif, when viewed on a monochromatic display, have simply no relation to the inherent hermeneutic issues of the VGA argument." [Yes, yes.]

'99 was turbulent year of media riots, pitting the establishment status quo of static white-on-black copy against various combinations of voice, motion picture and white-on-black copy erupting in spontaneous counter culture flashes around the world. Interactivity (the interaction of human and web page) was still almost binary, defined exclusively as "back", "next", and "porn" (though the order is still debated). The inherent limitations of this age were less technological and more demographic in nature.

The democratization of the Internet added "IM" and "soft" to the vernacular. Shopping (e-commerce) was but a year and 128bit encryption away.

If you would like to continue reading from "Speak Easy Sitez to the Streaming Twenty oh, oh's. An Illustrated History of the First 52,680 Hours On-line. - A Children's Book", you can purchase additional words, paragraphs, by the page, or by chapter, and or lay away a letter or two a day (less then a price of a coffee).

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